Karen Rawlins, FNP-BC

Deborah Beall, FNP-BC, ANP

Cary "CW" Jasper, ND, FNP-BC, DAIPM

1. Your application to become a patient begins with a written referral. Your written referral should come from your

Primary Care Provider or from any surgeon or specialist

who has treated you. The referral can be faxed to: 


or mailed to: 

Fireweed Health Care, 

4411 Business Park Blvd, Suite M-10

Anchorage AK, 99503


2. You should have your last year of treatment records sent to us using the fax number or address above. Be sure to include reports of any relevent MRI or XRay imaging that has been done or other special studies. Please have written reports sent, not films or discs.


3. The office will contact you by telephone to get any other needed information. Be sure to include your correct daytime contact number in the paperwork sent to our office. In most cases you will hear by telephone if you have been accepted into our program within 7 days. 


Below is the PAIN MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT and INFORMED CONSENT. AFTER you have been accepted as a patient you should read this carefully, answer all questions and hit the Submit button.

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